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Grain production in Ukraine


United States Department of Silskoy Gospodarstvo

The World Agricultural Outlook Board (WAOB) acts as the coordinating center of the US Department of Agriculture for the economic development and commodity outlook for the United States and the Holy Silk government.

(Standards of Ukraine)

The database of the electronic library can offer more than 30,000 GOSTs, DSTU (Ukrainian Standards) and other regulatory documents in the field of technical regulation. All the data are regularly updated and updated with new parts, regulatory documents, virobnicho-galuzev standards, documents, which regulate virobnstvo, technology of operation. the area of living and communal government that іnshe.

International Association of Trade in Grain and Forage

The main goals of the Association are: "To get interested in the members of the Association and to develop new trade."

For 128 reasons, the system of international trade standards successfully functions throughout all the years and is a basic way for traders, as well as for superintendents, logisticians, brokers, laboratory and other participants.

Grain production in Ukraine
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