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Grain production in Ukraine


People are thinking about success. Mirobimo is treasured.
About us

LIMITED LIABILITY company "UKRAGRO" - agricultural holding, roztasovany in Odessa region, representations on the grain market of Ukraine since 1994. Having come to know this as a trading company, for the year we created a lot of partnerships in mutual relations with farmer's state gifts, colgospas, and elevators.

Our products

On the current day, LLC "UKRAGRO" viroshchu culture: wheat, corn, peas, papak, lion, girchitsya and sochevitsa.

You can polishit tsei svit!

Over the last 4-5 years of investment, the increase in the agrarian sector of Ukraine has grown dramatically. Following the results of the "crisis" 2009 p. Silske the statehood of Ukraine was shown by the only kind of economic activity, de bulo registered the growth of public relations (+ 0.1%). U 2008r. capital investments in galuz made a record $ 3.2 billion. (7.2% of the outbound investment in the land). U 2010-2011. to promote the activation of gravity in the whole sector, to explain the manifestation of the great potential, as well as to see the overheating of the galusies through speculators. In addition, the Silska statehood is one of the "abducted" galuzei - galuzi, the most resistant to the most economical kolivans.

Grain production in Ukraine
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