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Grain production in Ukraine


LIMITED LIABILITY company "UKRAGRO" - agricultural holding, roztasovany in Odessa region, representations on the grain market of Ukraine since 1994. Having come to know this as a trading company, for the year we created a lot of partnerships in mutual relations with farmer's state gifts, colgospas, and elevators.
In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
On this year's day, the UKRAGRO company is not only selling additional food products in the territory of Ukraine, but I will take an active part in the business community on my social life partnerships and thanks to the gifts of mothers and fathers. Vlasny bank of land in 2021 has 20,000 hectares of warehouses, grown in 4 districts of the Odessa region (Velikomikhilevsky, Rozdilnyansky, Oknyansky, Limansky).
In daniy chas, TOV "UKRAGRO" viroshchu culture: wheat, corn, peas, papak, lion, girchitsya and sotchevitsya. At the same hour, TOV "UKRAGRO" carries out the production of food, milk from the dairy farm TOV "UKRAGRO" is supplied to a dairy plant in the Odessa region. So LLC "UKRAGRO" itself is a partner in the food company, for the production of products such as vikoristovuyutsya milk from a dairy farm.
Repairing since 2000, our company entered the international markets to supply grain products to the provincial grain trading companies.
They shot a unique place, in fact, a part of everything that was robotic.
With the aim of expanding the scope and progressive path, the development of LLC "UKRAGRO" has expanded to the point of view in the following directions:
- substitution of crops for viroshuvannya;
- news;
- spіlne virobnitstvo for processing of s / g products;
- development of gardening and berry business.
We are ready to expand our business and welcome new, high-quality partners!
Grain production in Ukraine
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