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People dream of success. We make it possible.
About us

UKRAGRO LLC is an agricultural holding located in the Odessa region, represented on the grain market of Ukraine since 1994. Having started working as a trading company over time, we have built close partnerships with farms, collective farms, elevators.

Our production

Currently, UKRAGRO LLC grows crops: wheat, corn, peas, rapeseed, flax, mustard and lentils.

You can improve this world!

Over the past 4-5 years, the investment attractiveness of the agricultural sector of Ukraine has increased significantly. According to the results of the "crisis" 2009. grain producers in Ukraine turned out to be the only type of economic activity where production volumes increased (+ 0.1%). In 2008. capital investments in the industry amounted to a record $ 3.2 billion (7.2% of the total investment in the country). In 2010-2011. there is an activation of players in this particular sector, which is explained by the presence of a huge potential, as well as the absence of overheating of the industry due to speculators. In addition, agriculture is one of the “protected” industries - the industries most resistant to global economic fluctuations.

Grain production in Ukraine
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